Terms & Conditions

As the person submitting artwork, I, the Applicant, warrant that:

1. I am of legal age and I have the right to enter into a legal contract.

2. The work I am submitting is substantially my own original artwork.

3. I will abide by the terms, rules and guidelines of SOL_ONG Fine Art Gallery.

4. I understand that submitting a work of art is no guarantee that I will be accepted into a show.

5. I will accept emails from submissions@solongfineart.com.

6. I will maintain a valid email address throughout the process.

7. I will not try to harm the interests of SOL_ONG Fine Art Gallery, and I will not expose this website to malicious software, piracy or other intrusions.

8. I will indemnify SOL_ONG Fine Art Gallery in the event of malicious breach of terms.

9. I hereby grant to SOL_ONG Fine Art Gallery the right to exhibit, use, reproduce, and publish my artwork for exhibition and promotional uses specifically related to SOL_ONG Fine Art Gallery.

10.  I hereby release SOL_ONG Fine Art Gallery from any and all claims, actions, and liability relating to my artwork.