to anyone with the right artwork for the right idea for a show. Rather than start with a limited, arbitrary set of works from an existing stable of artists, SOL_ONG Fine Art begins with an even more arbitrary point, an abstract idea fielded from the internet and ends with a selection culled from a potentially limitless collective of art. A show starts with an idea, not a work or a name.


is proud to inaugurate his first of many public facing projects that extend a mission: to uphold democratic values in art from inspiration to installation, and to promulgate such ideas through conducive media, programs and outlets. After many years of private consulting to both international art institutions and individual collectors, Sol Ong has converged philosophy and format to create Sol subscribes to the theory once you surrender to the fact that there is nothing new or truly original, creative potential is unlimited. Accordingly, shows are often based on familiar concepts, like predetermined buckets that bridge the gap of what is considered original and what is creative. All show ideas are ripe with multiple entendres disguised as word play or wrapped in trite euphemisms to engage both the uninitiated and the stilted.